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Truth isn’t just a story from the past

The power of the Easter story is not simply the history-changing events from years ago, but the timeless truths of Holy Week which are very much like our own lives today.

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Keep Asking Why

WHY is such an important question! Although it can come across as accusatory (“WHY did you do THAT?”), it can actually be a very powerful question to help us interrogate motivation or cause. There is another maxim which says that honestly and positively asking WHY repeatedly until you can’t come up with anything else is the best way to get to the real root of things.

I bring this up as this question was asked of me by a friend recently about my work: “Yes, I know WHAT you do, but WHY do you do it?” I’m still thinking about it, but as I do, it has made me consider the types of responses ANYONE might have to this question…
– Someone has to do it
– I’m good at it
– It needs to be done
– I get paid to do it
– I love it
– I can’t imagine doing anything else
– I feel God has told me to do it
– I am trained/experienced to do it
– There is no one else
– It is a step toward something further
– I committed to doing it

None of these are right or wrong. And, I would guess that most of the time, you might respond with several of these. What other WHY’s do you have for what you do?

I’m asking myself this question and maybe it would help you (as an individual, team, or organisation) to ask the same on a regular basis. It keeps us from just doing things “because that’s what we do” and re-motivates us. Often, it helps to have another person ask it of us so we have to think about it again.

Keep thinking and doing!


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