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More to the Story

Reflecting on Mary coming to the tomb that first Easter morning and having God reveal an entirely different reality than she could imagine. She came to tend to Jesus’ dead body – he wasn’t there – he was alive.

May we all experience God’s surprising miracles and mercies today and every day. We need God to do what we can not.


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For your year-end reflection

I recently led a Selah Day for people to pause and pay attention to God, their heart, and life. We took the time to respond to the work of God with us right now now as well as to think back over the year. A few people have subsequently asked for and purchased some of the materials from me and I thought you might like to use them too. I am asking that you make a donation if you download/use these (minimum $5 per user) by clicking this link to PayPal.

My experience is that most of us know we need to take time to reflect, yet seldom make the time. That’s probably why people like when I organise days like these for them!

I hope you find these helpful.

Mary’s Song (the Magnificat). What is your song? YearEnd2015SelahMagnificat

Year-end Reflection QuestionsYearEnd2015SelahReflections

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