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More to the Story

Reflecting on Mary coming to the tomb that first Easter morning and having God reveal an entirely different reality than she could imagine. She came to tend to Jesus’ dead body – he wasn’t there – he was alive.

May we all experience God’s surprising miracles and mercies today and every day. We need God to do what we can not.


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Doubt, Unbelief, and Faith

I find it frustrating that so many churches and religious people equate questions with faithlessness. Consequently, people who are wondering about so many things don’t feel welcome in the faith community or experience. This certainly isn’t how it worked in the Bible – or for most of us! Church isn’t the place with all the answers. It should be the place where we can work out all our questions together.


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God understands sadness

I took a much-needed walk & talk with God this morning. Reflecting on so many things that aren’t how they should be, disappointments, frustrations, etc. I am also currently Bible reading on Jesus in the time leading up to his death. I am reminded that God understands sadness and thankful that we can bring ANY feelings to God

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God knows us

Reading Psalm 33 today – a great one. This line struck me – God made our hearts, so he understands everything about us. Made this in response.


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Reflecting this morning on the fact that God created the universe, holds the stars in his hands, and STILL sees and loves each and every one of us. Overwhelming…


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tell of God’s greatness

Reading Psalm 34 this morning and wanted to make/share this – a reminder of how important it is to speak of God and encourage one another.


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Affirmation is a Gift


I don’t think any of us receive the amount of affirmation we deserve. I’m not talking about some sort of self-centredness, but good and healthy affirmation. So, many run, work, seek, or even beg for others so say we are ok. Or, we mourn the fact that we don’t get it.  And there are even some of us who – upon receiving affirmation – brush it off.

My friends, take it when it comes. Don’t live for affirmation, but receive it.

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Good enough

I am a perfectionist. One downside of this trait is that some things never get done because I am too busy trying to get them exactly right (which they don’t quite reach…). Something I’m learning is that ‘good enough’ doesn’t have to mean crap. In fact, much of what I could put out as ‘good enough’ is actually excellent.


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Deep Waters

A number of situations in my life are leaving me feel very much out of my depth. I am forced to rely on God in new and more ways. I am also discovering levels of my own resiliency that I didn’t know (and perhaps didn’t exist) befrore

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love is trying

Love is such a dynamic and complicated thing. I find that there is so much “adjusting on the go” that can be tiring at times and life-giving at others.

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