Praying with Colour

Ways to Pray : Lent 2017


Thank you for joining me on this journey through different prayer practices during Lent. This is something you can do on your own, with your family, or even a small group. You can do it as often as is helpful for you – I am suggesting you try the same practice once each day during the week if you are able. After this initial practice, I will send a new “Way to Pray” each Monday morning leading up to Easter.

Praying with Colour : 1-5 March


So for these first days of prayer practices, I have chosen something that may be different for many of you – praying with colour. The idea is to draw, doodle, or colour while praying for a person or situation.

Why? Well sometimes we have someone or something in mind, but don’t know exactly what/how to pray.  Another reason this is a helpful prayer practice is that it gives those of us who aren’t “words people” something to do as we pray. It is creative and I believe therapeutic. And I think helps us connect with God with a different part of ourselves – allowing the “Spirit to interceded on our behalf.”

You will need

  • a colouring book (children or adult:), doodles (my favourite to use for this!), drawing templates, or mandalas for this. I am attaching several for you to see what you prefer: cross, mandala, calendar, vine.
  • crayons or paints or markers. I find it helpful to have as much as possible on hand so I can choose what to use as I go along.

How to do this
The practice itself is rather simple. I would suggest writing down the name of a person or situation. This will vary depending on the picture you are using – it could be in the centre of a circle, on a tree brach, on a blank space of the page. And then start colouring – around the word, over the word, on another part of the page. If another name or word comes to mind, you can write it down too – next to or connected to the previous one if that feels appropriate, or somewhere else on the picture/page. You can also do this with names of attributes of God is you want to make it more of a praise-focused prayer. There is no rush. Don’t feel the need to fill the page – or your mind – with words. Simply dwell with God and the things you are praying for. You can use a page for each day/prayer time, or build on the same one over several days.

I use these pages quite often for people I am designing/leading on Selah (retreat) days. If you struggle with words when you pray, or find yourself praying as a “to-do list” rather than a conversation with God’s heart, this may be very helpful for you. I also find this a very good practice for people who struggle to just “sit and pray” and for children.

I am indebted to Sybil Macbeth who has done a lot of work with this prayer practice (check out her website for more).

That’s it 🙂 Go give it a try and please send me any feedback or questions. It is especially helpful for me to hear/see what you’ve done with this yourself. You may need a few attempts to get the feel for it or you may not find this particular practice to be one you love or want to add to your ongoing prayer life. Or you may! Either way, may you find yourself connecting with God through this unique  way to pray.

6 March – Prayer of Examen
13 March – Praying in Nature
20 March – Listening Prayer
27 March – Prayer with Song
3 April – Praying through Service
10 April – Kingdom Prayer Pictures

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