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God knows us

Reading Psalm 33 today – a great one. This line struck me – God made our hearts, so he understands everything about us. Made this in response.


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what is fasting?

As it is Ash Wednesday – the start of Lent – lots of posts and thoughts about fasting out there. It is easy to get caught up in religiousness, guilt, or trying to over-do our spirituality. But fasting isn’t about all that. It’s about choices to make ourselves available to God.

Keep it simple friends.


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pray love listen serve

So often we find ourselves in the middle of conflicts, situations we are unable to handle, or places we just want to give up. It’s normal. It’s life. And it’s difficult. I’ve been thinking about some of the ways I tend to react that don’t end of actually helping: I try to take control. I want to fight, defend, or rely on talking my way through it.


Instead, what if I try to pray, love, listen, and serve? Can I go wrong? First, they will do things IN me. But I believe they will also have very different effects in the hard places we find ourselves. These responses are sure to be beneficial to the others we are dealing with. I also think they have the power to change the atmosphere.

worth trying…

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Reflecting this morning on the fact that God created the universe, holds the stars in his hands, and STILL sees and loves each and every one of us. Overwhelming…


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