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love is trying

Love is such a dynamic and complicated thing. I find that there is so much “adjusting on the go” that can be tiring at times and life-giving at others.

Photo 7-20-15, 21 38 51

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spending time with God

One particular morning I was considering my NEED for time with God and all the other things I could do with my day. I was reminded that time with God is so critical for me, and really, why should I feel BAD that I get to spend time with the God of the universe who made me and loves me without end?

Love this pic too – my daughter running into a labyrinth during a retreat I was leading.

Photo 6-19-15, 11 07 26

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loving neighbours

Maybe I am keenly aware of this because I do not live in the country of my birth, but it seems that too many people make an exception in loving their neighbour when their neighbour looks different from them. Love that Jesus, when asked, “who is my neighbour?” whose one of the worst people the hearers could imagine…

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