When God uses four-letter words – Words to live by cont’d

cussWait is a four-letter word. I’d say that is appropriate. If you’re like me, you probably think or say other four-letter words when you hear that you must wait. Wait is not a nice thing to hear!

I’m writing about a few words God is working on with me and it got so long that I had to split it into a series of blog posts. You can read the first post in this series here or the entire piece here. Or, you can read it bit by bit, as I’m posting in more manageable chunks. Today, I am sharing about the word WAIT.

Remember, these reflections are drawn initially from my reading of of 1 Samuel 13 which contains the story of King Saul hastily performing priestly rituals to seek God’s will as his army was freaking out in the face of overwhelming enemies. It’s worth reading the story or my initial thoughts to give the context. Again, Saul’s story is so much like our own that I believe there is a lot we can learn about God and us. So, we have these words God has give me:

wait : trust : obey : connect

And the first word to consider is Wait

Saul should have waited. It’s obvious as we read the story now because we know what happened. But at the time, how long would you have told Saul to wait – a huge army getting ready to attack, your army shrinking by the minute? Actually, just put yourself in Saul’s place – how long would YOU wait? I feel like this is something very difficult and counter-cultural for us. Our world does not wait. Speed is of the essence. We make it happen. And the more capable you are (or think you are), the easier it is to strive to get it done. But so often this gets in the way of what God wants to do. He says wait (in the Bible, God says wait A LOT). As I was thinking about this, God reminded me of a picture that was given for me in prayer a while back. It was of an eagle sitting on a cliff waiting for an updraft. The eagle is meant to go very high and can only get there on a thermal. It must wait. No amount of flapping wings will take the bird to great heights. Eagles know this. They don’t stress. They don’t flap. They wait. And then they soar. Right now, I am in a time of waiting – doing different things than I am accustomed to. It is a unique season that I am in, and I honestly don’t like it. But God has said to me over and over, in many different ways – wait.

How does one go about waiting? Do you simply sit around do doing NOTHING AT ALL? Sometimes. But for most of us, we’d be sitting around doing nothing for a very long time. And that is not what God wants either.

  1. We can definitely put extra effort into prayer, worship, and connecting with God (see my post in a few days time) while we are waiting. Allow God to fill the “void” rather than seeking or allowing distractions that may get in the way of what God is wanting to do or show us.
  2. Although it is not always easy, we can be extra attentive as we wait. Allow waiting to be active in that sense. Open your eyes, ears, heart, and mind extra big in this time. There are lots of books and resources on how to do this sort of thing. However you do it, be purposeful in waiting.
  3. Act on what you DO know. If you are waiting for something, there are OTHER things you can act on in the meantime. There are things God has said to you, and to all people, that you can be working on as you wait on other things. This will help tremendously against discouragement, boredom, and the sense of hopelessness that comes when we are waiting.

I am currently waiting for things like:

Healing for people I am praying for

God to come through on some promises He has made and words He has given

God to reveal Himself to certain people in ways that radically alter their lives

God to make clear some next steps into the future for geography & ministry opportunities

What are you waiting for and what does waiting look like for you?

wait : trust : obey : connect

As we continue this series, we will next look at trust…

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