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What is King of Hearts all about?

Why “King of Hearts”?

Because God is love, God’s very nature compels Him to pursue a deep, intimate, and lasting relationship with you. God wants to connect with your eternal heart to bring you the fullness of life you are meant to live.

God is the King of Hearts.
We are the Beloved.
Our hearts (as individuals, as organisations, as churches, etc.) are created to be aligned with His and when they are, we are most fulfilled.

I am committed to this heart journey, and helping others on this journey as well. It’s not always easy. Sometimes we need rescue, other times freedom, often healing. But it can also be pure and utmost joy – encouragement, fun, wholeness. This life of growing our heart requires sacrifice but results in eternal gain. Such is LOVE!

On this site I share some of what I am seeing, learning, and experiencing. I hope it helps you also consider your own heart and find ways to bring yourself to God again and again – to love and be loved.

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